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What is tDCS and How Does it Work?

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According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), is a non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment that uses direct electrical currents to stimulate specific parts of the brain. A constant, low intensity current is passed through two electrodes placed over the head which modulates neuronal activity. There are two types of stimulation with tDCS: anodal and cathodal stimulation. Anodal stimulation acts to excite neuronal activity while cathodal stimulation inhibits or reduces neuronal activity.

Source: The Brain Stimulation Project – Johns Hopkins Medicine. Studies from universities worldwide suggest that transcranial stimulation (transcranial direct current stimulation) can improve memory, help you learn new information faster, enhance problem solving skills and increase hand-eye coordination response times. MORE tDCS info and FAQs.

How I Came Up With 10 Ideas For My Blog in 30 Minutes!

You all probably know how difficult it is to come up with interesting and above all original posts. I sometimes struggle for hours to come up with truly awesome topics, which will be interesting enough to engage such a diverse group as my followers. I often find myself staring at a blank page for long periods, with my mind wandering off and my thoughts just scattered around.CONTINUE READING

Shortcut Your Way to Pure Focus

Scientists and inventors have really thought of a lot in the past few years. But, can there be a wearable device that can actually make us smarter, think faster and have that much-needed laser-sharp focus; the one we lack so much in this chaotic world? Believe it or not, there can with Tdcs. CONTINUE READING
How Electricity Affects Thoughts & Moods

A future of your emotional well being might depend on something called transcranial stimulation or transcranial direct current stimulation. Used as a potential means to address neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression, transcranial direct current stimulation is just that, stimulation of the brain through a low-level direct current. Basically, zapping your brain! You read it right! But I’d have to stop you here before you go on with the idea of electroshocks and twitching. CONTINUE READING
Is tDCS a new, organic Nootropic?

Has science finally found a way to make us smarter and still keep our health? Well, some say it has!

Living in such a cutthroat world, where a slight edge in memory and focus can mean a huge difference, as we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to make us smarter, more motivated and driven. This is how we came to something called tDCS, a method scientists think will help us have that extra-fast brain. So what is tDCS stand for...? CONTINUE READING

6 Cool Facts About Your Brain

TDCS Devices has taken the world of neuroscience by storm. Scientists have started experimenting with the notion that a low electrical current passing through the skull can enhance the cognitive powers of an individual. Though the idea of zapping the brain to help individuals is not a new one (the experiments have been conducted for a couple of decades now), the notion that using tDCS for healthy individuals to enhance their working memory, heighten concentration and improve their cognitive powers is a completely new one. It has made such hype in the world of science that many scientists have taken upon themselves to prove that it works. CONTINUE READING
What You Don't Know About DIY tDCS That Can Hurt You

Your own DIY tDCS device? Many of our readers have told us that they’ve found resources online with the electrical schematics to build their own transcranial direct current stimulation, tDCS device for around $20-$25 in materials. Ultimately, they ask us if we would recommend this method to get started on the cheap.. CONTINUE READING
tDCS, Goal Setting, Skill Building

You’ve probably read a myriad of articles telling you just how important goal setting is. Thousands upon thousands of highly successful people swear by it. Probably, you’ve already tried it numerous times. You do the whole clearly-define-your-goals thing, you set up a detailed plan, incorporate all the milestones and rewards in it and still something goes wrong. So now what? CONTINUE READING
tDCS Meditation Montages

With the tDCS anode placed on the back upper head and the TDCS on the left side at the same position, this montage increases the sense of empathy that the user has for other people. This montage is in perfect sync with Loving Kindness Meditation, aka Metta, the aim of which is to send positive thoughts and vibrations towards three people that the individual practicing meditation has contact: a close person, a neutral one and one that they have had a conflict with.
These tDCS montages are just an example of... CONTINUE READING

tDCS Stimulation & Creativity

Knowing what tDCS can do for our creativity, the question arises whether we should use tDCS devices, such as TheBrainDriver, regularly and on our own in order to improve our creativity? CONTINUE READING

The "YES I CAN" tDCS Device

Our brains are rather complex working machines that though fixed in certain aspects can be upgraded from time to time. The new upgrade comes in a form of transcranial stimulation , or transcranial direct current stimulation, a scientific method that stimulates the brain, which is a core aspect of our intelligence, with a low-level electrical current. CONTINUE READING


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